About this blog

Welcome to my blog. I am mainly an R person so expect mostly R material! πŸ’—

Vebash Naidoo https://twitter.com/Sciencificity (R-Ladies Johannesburg)https://twitter.com/RLadiesJozi
Do NOT mock the sciencificity of the process.
β€” Lorelai Gilmore in A Tale of Poes and Fire

Who am I?

Like most people who will read this blog, I am a nerd, and a proud R nerd at that πŸ˜‚.

I am an R-Lady and proud member of AfricaR. 🌍

I am a certified RStudio Tidyverse instructor.

I’m a mum, and hence that last picture of me visiting some far out galaxy (’cos that’s what you do when you have young kids, go on many adventures in far out places).